Galactic citizens 
                                                                            bridging dimensions

Welcome Cosmic Beings!

If you are drawn to this site, then we have an agreement that transcends human understanding. You are awake and have been a bearer of Light as an incarnated Galactic. Integration of your multi-dimensional Aspects, including the higher Aspect projecting you into this here and now, is preparation for your next phase to anchor in the fifth dimensional frequencies emanating from our precious host. Some of you are first timers on the planet; while others exist on many timelines which have collapsed, closing out the third dimension holographic matrix. Your energetic bodies (physical, mental, emotional and etheric) have merged as your core Source frequency activates the Codes within your blueprint. Transformation occurs at the pace of your remembering and adjustments release all soul agreements that bound you to the experience of limitation, clearing the path for your galactic agreements of Oneness and Unity Consciousness. As conscious co-Creators, authentic, infinite, unconditional LOVE manifests instantly and is the language of Light. Creating a fifth dimension playground for your galactic Aspects and cosmic family opens the Stargates and portals which act as universal freeways. Traversing dimensions is made possible once again. Remember. Love. Create Consciously. Play as the naturally joyous BEing you truly are.

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