Galactic citizens 
                                                                            bridging dimensions


I am an Original Starseed who incarnated in this round of Humans as an ordinary person having many extraordinary experiences. And what a ride it has been! 
We all journeyed through a Stargate while one of our Higher Aspects projects us into simultaneously occurring life timelines. But that's not all! We also exist multi-dimensionally in various forms. We are truly infinite Beings! 
I assisted many star Beings in coming through the great Central Sun Stargate as your consciousness shifted into participating in human form.
Since the 3D cycle of Humanity has completed, my next phase is to assist wayshowers and forerunners in remembering your Higher vibrational existences so that you can easily dimension jump and consciously re-merge your multi-dimensional Aspects. You were never disconnected ~ you simply agreed to "forgetting" so that you could participate in the grand experience and awakening of Humanity by contributing to the collective consciousness grid.
If you are on this planet at this time, then you may experience an inner calling or nudging to BE a bridge into Galactic Consciousness of Unity and Oneness while remaining in the physical body (which is also transforming!)

Over the last 12 years, I awakened to the knowing that I AM Source in expression and the Creator of all my experiences. That knowing activated embedded codes, launching me into channeling consciously as a clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient and claircognizant. A series of soul agreements took me to sacred sites around the globe where I could complete them.  I have now entered my third and final phase to assist other wayshowers and forerunners in activating their Lightbody within their physical form and integrate their multi-dimensional Aspects so that we may bridge dimensions and participate consciously as galactic citizens. 

Remembering Guidance
*Special Notification*
Sessions are currently not being offered as Soul Contracts are changing.
If you would like to receive a notification of any updates, reactivated sessions or  new services, drop me a message. Remember that your heart knows!